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Should You Install an Antivirus on Your Android? From basics that protect your identity if your phone is stolen, to advanced tech that allows you to deter would-be intruders, the AVG app is a must-download.

If you’re an experienced smartphone owner, there probably aren’t many questions you have about how to operate your Android.

You know how to change your display settings, modify your contacts, set up your personalized ringtones, get all the apps you could every dream of and much, much more. However you’ve probably still asked yourself the question, “Do I really need an antivirus program on my phone?” For many smartphone owners, this has been the question of the century, though the answer is probably simpler than you might think.

The argument against getting an app antivirus for your smartphone is that you’ve probably heard that it’s much harder to get a virus on your phone than on your average computer. However, since viruses and malware contaminate devices through a common internet connection used by both your phone and computer, this simply isn’t true. In addition to the security need for an antivirus app, getting the best free antivirus for Android—AVG Antivirus—comes with a ton of other benefits for your phone, some of which are.

1) Advanced applications like the camera trap, which allows your phone to snap a picture of any would-be invaders with the front-facing camera.

2) The ability to wipe your phone’s SD card, lock your phone’s screen and turn on its ringer in the event that your device is stolen while you’re out and about.

3) Optimization tools that help you change up your phone’s battery usage and storage space in order to make things run longer and more smoothly.

4) Wi-Fi scanning and website analysis that help you to keep viruses away from your phone’s important files in the first place.

If you think you’re likely to benefit from any of these systems or the dozens of other benefits that AVG antivirus has to offer, then the answer to your question is yes—you should definitely install an antivirus on your Android phone.